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Quality above all else

Vissing Agro is based on quality. Quite simply. The foundation of the company and everything we do is top quality stall equipment that complies with all modern standards. We produce equipment that the Danish farmers can count on. And we will continue to do so.



Future sow housing is designed for loose sows. When sows have freedom of movement the physical load on the equipment is much higher than with conventional stall systems. Therefore, we have designed our penning systems with higher thickness to ensure a long durability. We have many years of experience in design, development and layout of housing systems for loose sows and our pig specialists have the latest knowledge in the field.

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We offer a wide variety of penning solutions for weaners and finishers. And as in all other matters, our main focus is animal welfare, functionality and quality. Our product range is characterized by a wide variety of designs, materials and dimensions. Therefore, we can find the right solution for every need.

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We provide user-friendly feeding systems with high functionality and high quality including our own design and brand as well as solutions from AZA. Our product range includes everything from simple feeding systems to advanced phase feeding systems. Therefore, we can fulfil every need without ever compromising on quality.

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