Vissing Agro – trusted by Danish farmers

Quality above all

Vissing Agro is based on quality. It is as simple as that. The foundation of the business and everything we do is top quality housing equipment that fully live up to all modern standards. We produce equipment that the pig farmers can trust and we will continue to do so. .

But Vissing Agro is also a company that keeps up with latest developments, knowledge and research within pig production, and we do not hesitate to pursue new challenges and opportunities. On the contrary, we thrive on development and we see it as our main task to deliver what pig producers need. That need is constantly changing and we follow – and always strive to stay on top of the development. We don’t stubbornly hold on to history, but we stick to our basic values: The good quality, the good service and the most optimal solutions. Every time.

Specialists – in animal welfare

We see it as the highest priority work to follow and stay ahead of the development while we design our products and systems. Animal welfare has become an important parameter directing the design of pig housing in most parts of the world. Animal well-being and the requirements that follow have for a long time been the basis for our design and development activities. Therefore, we can provide future oriented solutions and well-tested systems that in every way meet the both animal welfare and production requirements.

We call ourselves pig specialists and we stand by that. Our customers’ industry will always be our industry. We constantly strive to have the very best team; a group of experts with many years of experience and know-how in pig production. Our goal is clearly to remain the best in the world at what we do. This is achieved by maintaining our focus on pig production.

Thought is action

We shall always be focused on our customers, our solutions and our products, and not on unnecessary and slow procedures within the company. Our strong focus on the customer and on the end-product as well as a minimum of internal bureaucracy means that we have a flexible organization that can address specific needs and challenges of our customers very quickly.

Denmark and the rest of the world

We service the Danish pig farmers and provide quality equipment that lasts. We are against patchwork solutions and take pride in delivering good products the first time. However, we also supply our products and systems internationally to some of the world’s largest pig producers.

We have always made great efforts to incorporate all our experience in our further work. And this means that all our customers whether they live in Western Jutland, Germany or China benefit from the experience we have accumulated throughout the world.

In short, Vissing Agro is a stable and trusted partner for pig producers not only in Denmark, but throughout the world. Not so much talk, just good and honest quality solutions you can count on.

Danish Farm Concept

Our set of values means that we must have the ability to adapt to maintain our leadership position. That is why we at Vissing Agro have initiated to establish the Danish Farm Concept, which can provide total solutions for pig production. And as the only ones in the world, we offer a production guarantee. We trust our products and our solutions so much that we dare to give a definite guarantee of what our customers can achieve if they choose us.

As a partner in Danish Farm Concept, we can offer the entire value chain from planning, design, construction, consulting and management; from the biggest lines down to the smallest details. All parts of the process are based on our own equipment, which we can tailor made and which we are 110% sure can stand the distance and last for many years.

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