Feeding systems

Drive unit

Drive units from Vissing Agro can be provided as both horizontal and vertical models. The drive units are designed for both 38, 48, 50 and 60 mm feed pipes. The box is made of stainless steel and designed according to CE standards.


Horizontal version

  • Pipe Ø mm: 38, 48, 50, 60 mm
  • Motor size/power: 0.75 KW

Vertical version

  • Pipe Ø mm: 38, 48.50, 60 mm
  • Motor size/power: 0.75 KW


Vissing Agro’s hopper is very reliable. The feed is transported from the silo to the feeding system via the hopper and a robust auger. The hopper provides uniform quantities of feed while allowing extra feed components to be added. The hopper controls the amount of feed added to the feeding system and prevents it from being overloaded. The auger is available for both mashed and pelleted feed. In addition to the two traditional hopper units with or without a motor driven auger, Vissing Agro also offers a pipe-to-pipe model which is used for connecting two feeding systems. This model is available in Ø 38, 48, 50 or 60 mm.

Type H x W x L (mm) Weight (kg) Pipe (Ø mm) Auger (m/min) Effect (kW)
Motor driven 430 x 730 x 470 31 48 / 60 65 0,37
Without motor 430 x 570 x 395 22 48 / 60 65
Pipe-to-pipe 22 x 20 x 44 3 48 / 60

Feed chain

Transport of feed is mostly done by a lightweight high-quality steel chain with plastic carriers. Feeding system might be designed with a length up to 400 m. A 60 mm chain provides 1,600 kg per hour, and a 48 mm system 800 kg per hour. The chain is easily shortened by cutting off links and is easily reassembled with a “C”.

Pipe (Ø, mm) Maximum length (m) Maximum capacity (kg/hour)
38 400 400
48 400 800
60 400 1600


The complete corners are made of cast aluminum with cast iron inner wheels and double closed ball bearings. When replacing the inner wheels or ball bearings, it is possible to open the top half of the corner without having to disassemble the complete corner. Furthermore, the large corners in 60 mm are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic.

Pipe (Ø, mm) Material
48 Aluminum
60 Aluminum
60 Fiberglass reinforced plastic