We offer all the main design variants of pig stalls, and as in all other matters, our main focus is quality and hygiene. Our range is characterised by a wide range of strength, material and dimensions for all products. Therefore, we can find the right solution for every need.

Slaughter stalls

Equipment for slaughter pigs can be made at a height of 87 cm and 100 cm. It consists of a combination of closed panel plates and horizontal pipes, and therefore gives the pigs the optimal conditions for good growth. The dividing rooms have a smooth and dense surface and are therefore extremely clean.

The pig’s natural behaviour is to divide the pen/ area into a rest area, eating/activity and manure areas. An automatic dry feeder, rooting /working material and a water system are paced in the activity area.

The manure area is located facing the corridor and is fitted with slotted floors with high manure penetration, such as plastic and cast iron grids. Furthermore, contact grids are mounted between the pens, which help to provoke the pigs’ natural behaviour around marking territory and thereby the manure area. In this way, the design of the pen helps to control the 3 areas: which, activity/eating and manure.

The panel pens are built in modules with 50 cm closed fixtures at the floor, and above it are 3 horizontal (H: 87 cm) or 4 horizontal (H: 100 cm) pipes. The panel is attached to the floor with stainless steel fittings.

The plank pens are built in modules where there are 62/75 cm closed fixtures at the floor, and also 2 horizontal (H: 87 cm) or 3 horizontal (H: 100 cm) pipes. The planks are attached to the floor with stainless steel fittings.

For wet feed, there is the option of incorporating feed pipes into the cell wall itself. Therefore, there are no bothersome feed pipes and cleaning the wall is extremely easy. A feed pipe is connected directly on top of the feed wall.

Nursery stall

We offer equipment solutions in 35 mm PVC, but if conditions require more strength we have our 50 mm panel solutions. We have also developed our own fibreboard solution in solid 10 mm composite plates.

The feeder is absolutely key – not least in the finishing stall. It should be easy to operate, durable and tailored to your specific needs. That is why we supply systems with dimensions of up to 60 mm pipes, from simple systems to more advanced solutions. All drive units and loading hoppers are stainless steel, aluminium corners with closed ball bearings. In short: quality that works.

We have developed our own automatic dry feeder for dry feed – VISSINMAT 60 and 100 cm. The automatic dry feeder is designed for quick learning, low feed wastage and room for more pigs. For wet feed we offer an integrated feed drain to achieve the best possible challenge in the feeding trough.

Built to customer wishes

We have developed our entrance gates and other equipment to meet our customers’ wishes for easier entry conditions with, for example, self-closing and raising-lowering function. We also have full-width entrance gates, which can be opened on both sides, thereby driving pigs in and out in both directions.

Our customers can also choose from several height variants of the equipment, which, for instance, gives better options for staff to go from pen to pen and shortens the washing time.