Equipment for gilts and boars

Vissing Agro offers the market’s most robust solutions for sows, gilts and boars. The penning is designed to provide maximum stability and durability. The equipment might be designed in several different ways either as a panel/steelbar solution or in a strong 50 mm panel or as a combination of these. It is also possible to incorporate different types of open grids made of stainless steel or galvanized steel. Furthermore, the many combination options make it possible to adapt the penning to the slop of the floor, whether it is new or existing.

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Panel/steel bar

Penning made of a combination of panel and steel bars are 100 or 110 cm high. The panel is a 12 mm solid plastic sheet in the bottom enforced by a steel frame and provided with vertical steel bars at the top. The panel is attached to floor with strong 50 x 50 mm steel posts. The panel might also be provided with 210 cm high steel post connected to a 1 ”galvanized pipe. This solution is used where increased stability is required such as in pens for boars. Steel grids allowing pigs contact with other pigs in neighbor pens might be provided for this solution.

Plastic Panels

50 mm panels are delivered in light gray color with a smooth surface for easy cleaning. Pen sides are built to a height of 100, 110 or 120 cm and fixed with strong galvanized posts 50 x 50 mm with same height as the pen sides or with 210 cm high posts connected with 1” galvanized pipe for increased stability.


  • Hospital and relief pen sides height: 100 cm, 110 cm or 120 cm
  • Boar pen sides height: 100 cm, 110 cm or 120 cm
  • Panel/steel bar pen sides height: 100 or 110 cm
  • Panel thickness: 50 mm
  • Flat irons in gate openings to keep a good walkway hygiene
  • Post height 210 cm connected to 1″ galvanized pipe for stability
  • Stainless mounting at floor
  • Water supply with water cup or bite valve