For many years Vissing Agro has focused on providing housing systems and equipment of the highest quality and technology that fully meets all modern standards. We are constantly working on developing and optimizing products to serve pig producers worldwide. Our own R&D department guarantees that we are always using applying the latest technology and follow the latest requirements of the pig industry.


Animal welfare legislation in many countries requires that sows are kept loose in the mating and gestation unit and in frequently in the farrowing period as well. This means that the load on the equipment is higher. Therefore, all our stalls and crates are made with extra thickness to ensure robustness and long durability. We have many years of experience in both development and design of equipment for loose sows and our pig specialists have the latest knowledge in the field.

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We offer all the main design alternatives of equipment for weaner and finisher production. And as in all other matters our main focus is on equipment quality and hygiene. Our range of products and systems is characterized by a wide variety of designs, materials and dimensions. Therefore, we can provide the right solution according to every need.

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We only sell user-friendly feeding systems with focus on functionality and quality. Our products comprise simple filling systems as well as advanced phase feeding solutions in different dimensions. The range of products includes own designs and solutions from AZA which means that we can meet all needs without compromising on quality.

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All products in our catalogue – both our own and the other selected brands that we sell – are characterized by a high degree of flexibility and high quality. This is important for us. All solutions must be flexible and possible to combine to meet the specific needs of our customers. .

Therefore, we offer an extensive catalog of accessories and spare parts. See much more in our product catalogs or contact us for a talk on options and needs. .

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