Flex auger

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Flex auger

Vissing Agro povides a large range of flex augers in several sizes from 48 to 90 mm diameter. Capacity of the augers is anywhere from 400 kg to 1,800 kg per hour but can be adapted to the capacity of the feeding-system. The flex augers might be connected to the feeding system, buffer silo or hopper. The flex augers can be mounted to all types of silos.

The auger is controlled either by a simple start-stop function or by the controller of the feeding-system or feed mill. The drive unit is placed most optimally at the feed outlet, i.e. as a pull function providing the strongest solution.

Bends for flex augers are made of either PVC or steel. Steel bends are always used for heavy duty loads to increase the durability.

Size Capacity
48 mm 400 kg
90 mm 1.800 kg